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Joseph's 7 Year Famine Has Now Been Verified!

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2013 7:24 am
by email
Joseph's global famine (Genesis 41:57) now has been verified! Spread the news! Educate the world to ancient world history.

Shang Dynasty emperor Ching Tang some Chinese historians stated his reign began in 1747 B.C. There are others who believe his reign began in 1675 B.C. Chinese emperor Ching Tang was recorded having a seven year famine verifying Joseph’s seven year famine in Genesis 41:30. This seven year famine occurred 1704-1697 B.C. Emperor Ching Tang must have been reigning during this time in world history.


Joseph lived for 110 years 1741-1631 B.C. (Genesis 50:26) Joseph age 30 (Genesis 41:40-46) became governor of Egypt in 1711 B.C. There was 7 years of great harvest and the second year of famine Joseph age 39 in 1702 B.C. met his father Jacob age 130 (Genesis 47:9) in Egypt. Global famine 1704-1697 B.C. (Genesis 41:57)


(1) Jacob brought the starving Hebrew people into Egypt settling near Biblical On (Genesis 41:45) Heliopolis, Egypt in 1702 B.C.

(2) Starving Hyksos Canaanite chieftain Sheshi lead his people into Avaris, Egypt trading their horses for bread (Genesis 47:13-17) in 1702 B.C. during the world famine. (Genesis 41:57)

(3) Some Minoans from Crete also settle in Egypt’s delta in 1700 B.C. as archaeologist have found Minoan artifacts in Egypt’s delta.

(4) The Kushite kingdom in eastern Africa arises in 1700 B.C. as Africans fleeing famine come together living in close knit community along the Nile river south of Egypt.

(5) Some Black tribes migrate from central Africa and settle in southern Africa fleeing from famine. These people left their prescience known. Archaeologist dated their artifacts to 1700 B.C.


(6) Other Minoans from the island of Crete migrate to mainland Greece in 1700 B.C. spreading their culture there.

(7) Nordic Bronze culture in northern Europe becomes established in 1700 B.C. where bronze weapons are produced used in hunting wild game.

(8) Starving Indo-Europeans from western Russia migrate to central Europe and produce bronze weapons to hunt wild game in 1700 B.C.


(9) People from central Asia-Minor migrate to the coast and build defensive walls around Troy VI to keep the starving barbarians out of the city.

(10) Some starving Hittites move into western Assyria and adopt the Assyrian cuneiform style of writing in 1700 B.C.

(11) Starving Indo-European Sealanders invade Amorite Babylon king Abi-Eshuh 1710-1684 B.C. settling in southern Babylonia in 1700 B.C. Abi-Eshuh dams up the Tigris river trying to starve the Sealanders out.

(12) Starving Indo-European tribes invade Dravidan dominated India in 1700 B.C. Indo-Europeans destroy the Dravidan Mohenjo-Daro civilization in 1700 B.C.

(13) Starving Indo-European tribes invade western China in 1700 B.C. Chinese archaeologist discovered Indo-European mummies in western China. The Indo-Europeans introduced the Chinese to the horse driven chariot. NOTE: Indo-European Kassites were first to use the horse driven chariot attacking Babylon in the reign of Amorite Babylon king Samsu-iluna 1750-1711 B.C. in his 9th year in 1741 B.C. NOTE: Joseph age 30 was given the Egyptian pharaoh’s 2nd chariot in 1711 B.C. (Genesis 41:43)

(14) Chinese Shang Dynasty very early in the dynasty recorded a 7 year famine verifying Joseph’s account of the 7 year global famine in Egypt. (Genesis 41:57) It was Shang Dynasty emperor Ching Tang in Chinese annals these record his seven year famine which matches Joseph’s famine. (Genesis 41:30)


(15) The American agricultural Indians establish the Poverty Point Mound Culture in Louisiana in 1700 B.C. building their first city in North America during the world famine.

(16) Olmecs migrate into the Yucatan Peninsula in 1700 B.C. Archaeologist state the Olmecs invented plumbing and the Olmecs were interested in water conservation at this time in world history.


(17) South American Indians establish their kingdom in Bolivia during the global famine 1704-1697 B.C. according to archaeologist discoveries there at Tiahuanacu.

Joseph’s account of the world famine (Genesis 41:57) is supported by archaeology and the migrations of ancient people’s in 1700 B.C. Why not pass this information along to people who are interested in ancient history confirming Joseph’s 7 year famine? (Genesis 41:30)

Joseph's 7 Year Famine Has Now Been Verified!

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:42 am
by m273p15c
Thank you for the interesting evidence. I am no scholar of history, so I am in no position to verify these claims without spending a lot of time in a library. Can you provide credible references or sources for each of these claims?

There have been too many (1 is too many) modern con-artists, who have claimed they found Noah's ark, Pharaoh's chariot, etc., for Christians to not verify their sources. Even if the claims are true, they will not be accepted by the world if they cannot be verified by reputable sources.

Thank you for your zeal for Christ. I look forward to hearing from you.

Joseph's 7 Global Famine Years Have Now Been Verified!

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:59 pm
by email
I Googled the information. Shang Dynasty emperor (Ching Tang 7 year famine googled can be found on the internet). The Indo-European invasion of India at 1700 B.C. googled can be found on the Internet. Minoan Greek culture being transported to mainland Greece just Google. It will be found on the internet. Troy VI new beginning at 1700 B.C. is found on the internet. Kush rise as a kingdom in 1700 B.C. can be found on the internet. ABI-ESHUH 1710-1684 B.C. starving out the Sealanders can be found on the googled on the internet. (Look for the sources usually on the first page that are independent of this research not giving the 1-17 cultures. The authors have came up with their information each verifying one of the 17 cultures. Like some say the Minoan culture began on mainland Greece in 1700 B.C. when you google Minoan culture at 1700 B.C. Troy VI the writers will tell you began in 1700 B.C. I got the information off the internet reviewing various writers and historians on events taking place in 1700 B.C.

Joseph's 7 Global Famine Years Have Now Been Verified!

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:23 pm
by m273p15c
Thanks for the additional info! ... I was hoping for something more authoritative, but I appreciate your efforts.