Choosing the "correct" pro-life candidate

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Choosing the "correct" pro-life candidate

Post by Marc » Sun Jan 08, 2006 1:32 am

Basically there are three people running for office.
Candidate A is pro-death (also known as pro-choice).
Candidate B is pro-life except in cases where it involves rape, incest or the mothers life is at stake.
Candidate C is pro-life in all situations.

Here's the dilemma. Candidate A and B are at about even in the polls with each at about 50% while candidate C garners less than 1/2 of 1%. Who should get the pro-life vote? Candidate C has virtually no chance of winning at all and would seem to "take away" votes from Candidate B. But isn't the true pro-life position that it is still a living baby despite the fact that it was conceived by rape or incest? Surely that wasn't the baby's fault so why punish the baby by killing him/her? Isn't a vote for candidate B sealing their doom? But if just enough people vote for Candidate C the chances are Candidate A will win and thus we have an even more deplorable situation.

Any thoughts?

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Post by grand_puba » Sun Jan 08, 2006 10:57 pm

These are two highly charged issues. So, let us please separate the issues for clarity's sake:

Please respond to the following question on this thread:
Marc, as reworded by the moderator, wrote:"Should a Christian vote for the candidate who most closely represents his moral beliefs, considering that it may help an immoral opponent to win? Or, should he vote for the candidate that most closely represents his moral beliefs, and has the best chance of winning?"
All other questions regarding abortion, including exceptions (rape, incest, mother's welfare, etc.), should be discussed on a separate thread. Feel free to create such a thead, if it does not already exist.

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