Who is "email"?

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Who is "email"?

Post by grand_puba » Wed Jun 15, 2005 1:29 am

email is a fictitious member of the forum. Here's the background for his creation and purpose:

We get a lot of email, based on our primary web-site:


People write in with questions all the time. Eventually, we noticed that we were answering the same questions repeatedly. Also, some of the answers clarified points made in the articles, mandating that these be shared somehow. So, this is actually the background for the creation of the forum - not the email account - but I'm getting to that part. :-)

Even though the forums were created, many people continued to send us email. I don't know why for sure. Maybe it was too easy compared to getting an account? Maybe people liked the privacy of 1:1 email? So, now I sanitize all of the inbound correspondence, stripping out personal references, and post it on the forums under the "email" account. That way people can publically address an anonymous version of the questions that we receive privately through "email".

So, please don't get upset at "email". Please don't send him private messages, call him names, or crack his computer. :-) Treat him like he's an anonymous member, because that's what he is. He's an anonymous gateway, so all can benefit from private email correspondence.