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Post by sprky777 » Mon Apr 17, 2006 11:49 pm

Why am I here?
  • Where did you grow up? Central Illinois and Indiana
  • How did you come to be interested in spiritual things? When I finished college and joined the work force, a coworker pestered me incessantly to join him for church. As an engineer, religion was not scientific or logical. But to appease my friend I went a few times and started reading the bible. As I studied and read I gained a new perspective on life. I saw the pointless life I had been living and suddenly found meaning. The stressful everyday secular life I was living which seemed like a long, tedious life changed to a short series of tests terminated with an eternity of peace.
  • Do you have any affiliation to a particular church, person, document, etc.? I have attended Church of Christ, Westleyan and a few small Baptist congregations and currently home church with friends. I have grown to dislike 'denominations' and wish everyone could focus on the whole point of religion and dispense with their petty differences. do you believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God? Then welcome, come learn His Word and we may find the truth and love in His commands.
  • What spiritual topics are the current focus of your thoughts and studies? Marriage and divorce, but not the way currently accepted by secular society.
  • For what are you looking on the forums? Why are you here? I'm here to pick fights, why else? But seriously, I have nonconventional points of view and look for those that share my views, can be educated to share my views or can educate me to change my views. I'm old enough to know I don't know everything.
  • Do you have personal goals you wish to accomplish on the forums? Do you have any topics that you consider important, which you wish to discuss with others? I usually lurk and wait for someone to breech a controversial subject that I feel I may contribute to.
  • etc... - Other interests - firearms, tax law, economics, technology, homeschooling

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