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Post by LRR » Fri Oct 26, 2007 12:18 am

  • Where did you grow up? I was born in North Alabama and raised by my grandparents. My grandfather was a preacher for the Church of Christ and moved us to the Birmingham area for a while then we returned to North Alabama again and I graduated from a private Christian High School.
  • How did you come to be interested in spiritual things? I was born into such things and became a member quite early in my life. I was a highly active member in the church and, at one point, aspired to be a preacher of the gospel.
  • Do you have any affiliation to a particular church, person, document, etc.? I no longer attend any church nor have affiliation with such things. However, do keep an eye on such things in order to observe what methods are being used to spread the word of Christ as well as what ideas are being taught concerning other belief systems.
  • What spiritual topics are the current focus of your thoughts and studies? N/A
  • For what are you looking on the forums? Why are you here? To give a different perspective on consistent morality as well as learn from others why they hold their own beliefs.
To sum up my outlook on life:

I am 23 and enjoy writing about the greatness that IS man and the freedom that all should have. I am a Reasonist who uses his mind as his tool of knowledge, rather than mystic revelations and writings; which, by default, means that I am an A-theist, as well as an A-anything that cannot be proven in reality; however, I AM pro-Individual and view the human being as owner of his existence and responsible for both his successes and failures.

I am but one man, with one life, it is my own and I shall live it. I will not surrender it out of fear, nor will I give it out of pity. Yes, I am only one man but one man is all one life will allow, it is upon this moral ground of reason that I shall plant my existence, and it is from this vantage point that I KNOW rather than assume that there is no greater good than that of the individual who earns through responsibility to himself that which so many in vain foolishly plot to capture, and that.. is the un-chainable true nobility of the human spirit.

I look forward to meeting you all, and will continue here as long as I am welcome. I understand and abide by the concept of property rights and will not infringe on your right (moderators) to censor my voice on this site if that is the moderators wish. Though I do believe that free discussion of ideas from all sides is the best way to gain knowledge about the world around us.
"One man standing for what he knows to be right is more powerful than a thousand kneeling for what they know to be wrong" -LRR

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