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Apostles today? What about Barnabas and James?

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 12:27 pm
by email
I am posting about Apostles and during my study I have found a couple of others that you failed to mention in yours.

Acts 14:14 says that Barnabas and Paul were both called apostles.

Also, and I can't recall the exact verse right now, but Paul is telling of his visit to Jerusalem and says that he saw none of the apostles, save, James the brother of our Lord. And of course he mentioned spending , I believe, 14 days with Peter.

I firmly believe that Ephesians 4 teaches us that Apostles,Prophets,Evangelist,preachers and teachers were a gift from God to the Body and also believe that they are VERY much needed in the Body today just as much as ever. The early Apostles were more than todays "church planters" that we see some "modern (A)postles" operate in.

Thanks for your time and be blessed.