Recently converted, looking for more resources on Calvinism

Is Calvinism taught in the Bible? Does man have free-will? Can a Christian apostatize? Discuss all related questions here.

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Recently converted, looking for more resources on Calvinism

Post by email » Sat Feb 07, 2009 12:14 pm

I am looking for more solid resources on Calvinism. I only recently obeyed the Gospel and am now a member of the Lord's Church but I come by way (most recently) have a very conservative, Calvinist Baptist Church. So, I have a lot to unlearn and any resources you can point me toward will be most welcome.

Thank you
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more material on Calvinism

Post by m273p15c » Sat Feb 07, 2009 6:57 pm

There are some audio files here: ... #calvinism

Br. Waldron does an excellent job. He works hard to make it simple, and as you know, Calvinism is a big subject. It is easy to get lost in it, especially if someone really doesn't want to be convinced otherwise. ...

The above sermons are very good. There is some written material on the ISOT web-site, but it is meant to be brief and concise - not exhaustive. The articles are listed at this link (10 in all): ... #calvinism

Several of the discussions that I have had with other Calvinists are here:


Here's one on a 3-4 point Calvinistic system, sometimes called the "grace-only" or "Neo-Calvinism" system. They are very closely related in my mind, in that they make similar misinterpretations; however, both Calvinism and this writer would deny the other:


We have 3 "correspondence course" lessons here (online form and MS Word versions):

If you have any suggestions on an approach, wording, or direction that would be more helpful for the Calvinist mind, I would greatly appreciate it - especially if it steps on my toes. :-)

BTW, I am conducting a class where I worship that is focusing on various false doctrines to help better equip and encourage our membership to evangelize and seek unity. In a week or two, I will wind down the class with 3 lessons on Calvinism. The title of the class is "Convicting those who contradict", taken from Titus 1. Maybe you will find it helpful. I imagine we will do more pointed classes like this in the future: ... contradict

In the way of books, I would highly recommend:
  • "The Gospel Plan of Salvation" by T. W. Brents, an excellent book that I have read several times - a classic in my opinion. Admittedly, I think he erred in a few points, like the denial of God's complete foreknowledge, but generally, it is a GREAT book.
I have not read these, but I have them on my shelf at others' recommendation:
  • "Neo-Calvinism in the Church of Christ" by Robert Harkrider.
You can get both of these from the "CEI" or "Guardian of Truth". See the "Bookstores" link on our site.

As you know, the Baptist church has struggled with this issue internally, and has produced some good material, although I would not agree with some of the conclusions, especially relating to baptism, etc.
  • "Elect in the Son" and "Life in the Son" by Robert Shank.
  • Steve Gregg's "Narrow Path" - look for the audio series on Calvinism - very well done - - Scroll down and look for "God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Salvation". I have listened to this several times and have found it helpful, although I think he minimizes the significance of this doctrine, especially as it potentially relates to one's salvation (on baptism, for example).
Obviously, there would be more things here that I would deny, but I have still benefited from their thoughts and study and would carefully recommend them.

I pray this helps,

May God help us to love truth sincerely and supremely (II Thessalonians 2:11-12)

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