Never-ending threads will be locked

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Never-ending threads will be locked

Post by grand_puba » Mon Jun 12, 2006 11:59 pm

Although this forum format provides wonderful opportunities for collaborating and discussing God's Word, it does have obvious limitations. One such handicap is that threads eventually get so long that they spiral into a never-ending circle. The same questions and arguments are merely rehashed, and nothing new is ultimately gained. Consequently, such topics will be "locked", which will prevent a continual posting of recycled comments.

Please keep this in mind, so that you do not waste your posts. Make sure that you are replying to essential arguments and questions. Efforts to focus on minor points will only bloat a thread, leaving readers with a disappointing sense that you dodged the primary argument. I will eventually lock a topic, even if you never really dealt with the arguments, so be concise and straight to the ultimate point!

If you would like to reply to a thread, which has been locked, please consider starting a new thread focused on your specific concern. This may produce new and valuable throughts, even from old posters. If you feel strongly about posting to a locked thread, please send me a private message. I might consider it.

All efforts will be made to lock topics in a fair manner. For example, no one will be allowed to get the first word and last word in a debate oriented discussion.
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