What if ... SeaHenge?

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What if ... SeaHenge?

Post by email » Wed Aug 23, 2006 12:22 pm

since seahenge has risen from the sea i have given quite alot of thought and study into the surrounding.
what if? what if this structure once had something placed on it,{UFO}, befor it was lost from view and driven to the deap.
the ufo would probably have broken down in the sea water and it's particles spread every where.
if the ufo was maned' it may well have washed it's own particles all around the ocean as well. not leaving aside the fact that this may have contributed to desease in our own kind.
metal would have sunk to the bottom over the years and we may never know for sure.
however, on a hunch i looked into the sea life around the area and found a stone that has just been identified as one of the rarest on the planet.
the conch pearl.
pearls are made from a splinter of something getting into the flesh, and this pearl is unique.
perhaps man should take a look at whats in a pearl instead of what is in the big fishes' belly.
i beleive that the people who took up residence in egypt were not only liveing longer then we do but were some what stronger, but when it came to seeing ufo's back in their day, they moved.
the salt in the dead sea and all the dead whales. what if a body turned up on the sands that was from this ufo and it bought with it death. the whales could have died from it and they may have filtered the water in the nile on a large scale some how , depositing the salt where the dead sea is now.
i have searched the www sites and there is very little written about the conch and i wonder if science has ever looked at the specific kind of splinters that create these pearls.
rumor has it the cleopatra may have died from an asp, but it also noted that she desolved and drank down a very expensive pearl beforhand.
i could go on, but you may think i'm mad. something they long ago though david was when he danced naked and drunk around the ark.
i look forwrd to a reply on my mad theory.
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what if, indeed

Post by m273p15c » Wed Aug 23, 2006 12:46 pm

Your theory is based on lots of assumptions and speculations. What evidence necessarily suggests these conclusions? Asked another way, what alternative theories explain the evidence equally as well, possibly better? Why not consider such theories?

Our web-site is focused on ultimate truths. I guess aliens and UFO's might be considered ultimate truths, because such theories might have impact on our life after death and ultimate life choices. With that in mind, please consider the following alternative theory for life:

What if there was an ultimate alien who created everything? What if he did not live on another planet or galaxy? What if he lived in some space unreachable by any starship, no matter how fast and how far it could travel? What if he lived in an alternate transcendent dimension, inaccessible by us from from our own dimension? Let's call this super alien, God, and his abode, heaven and eternity.

What if God was a benevolent, caring being, ultimately characterized by love, justice, truth, order, and wisdom? What if God clearly manifested Himself in our dimension, offering an open invitation to everybody to adopt His character and come live with Him? What if He manifested His nature and will in a permanent collection of writings, let's call it the Bible? And, what if He even went so far as to personally live among us and revolutionize our world - Let's call that personification, Jesus. What if Jesus, trained people to spread this invitation, and He even trained them in how to train others? Let's call these disciples in training, Christians.

Would you want to accept that invitation, live like Jesus, and invite others too? If all these assumptions are true, wouldn't this being want you to be come home and live with Him too?

The truth is out there. But, to find it, at some point, we must move beyond mere "what if's". Are you willing to discuss the evidence?

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