historically, churches of Christ predate Campbell

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historically, churches of Christ predate Campbell

Post by will » Sat Oct 17, 2009 9:05 pm

I found this quote interesting and maybe one to file.

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So many asked for the source if someone found it, I thought I would post the partial result. David Duncan found it ...
"Dr. Robinson, principle of Overdale College in Birmingham, England, states, "In the Furness District of Lancashire, in North West England, there existed in 1669, during the reign of Charles II, a group of eight churches of Christ. Most of them are not now in existence. An old minute-book has been found on the year 1669 and it shows that they called themselves by the name church of Christ, practices baptism by immersion, celebrated the Lord's Supper each Lord's Day, and had elders and deacons. There was also a church of Christ in Dungannon, Ireland, in 1804 and in Allington, Dengigshire. In 1735, John Davis, a young preacher in the Fife District of Scotland was preaching New Testament Christianity, twenty-five years before Thomas Campbell (Alexander Campbell's father) was born."

[*Journal of the Clan Campbell Society (United States of America)., Volumes 11-13* By Clan Campbell Society (United States of America), page 16]
It in turn states that its source was from a bulletin from a church in Duncan, Oklahoma. So I haven't found the original source yet, but it is better documented than before.

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