Bible Class Idea

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Bible Class Idea

Post by email » Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:00 pm

The study is called "Mark Your Bibles" and you can download the pdf online (free): ... -bible.pdf

Basically, the way the study works is that it goes through different "why we believe what we believe" topics and it takes you through the Bible, exploring each topic. The idea is to mark your Bible so that you can easily go from verse to verse, studying out a topic for your own benefit, but also especially so that you're better able to teach someone else (and have the verses handy). It's a lot like a road map through your Bible. You begin by creating an index in your Bible of each topic and note the first verse in a chain of verses. For instance, in studying Baptism is Immersion Only, you note Mt. 3:5,6. When you turn to Matthew 3, the second verse is listed to the side: John 3:23. Then from John you go to Mark 1:5,9-10 and so on. The lesson explains why each verse is relevant and puts the picture together. I tend to make little notes as I go along. It does the same for each of the topics (and I think I'd like to continue doing this with other topics not covered, such as modesty, on my own). At any rate, I thought it was a really good study and that it might be a good option for the class. Each lesson takes me about half an hour to 45 minutes to do on my own. Given comments, each lesson could probably cover two classes. There are 13 lessons in all. I know that I've had some friends who have used this as a Ladies' Bible Class that met during the week.

Hope it's some use to you!
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Re: Bible Class Idea

Post by m273p15c » Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:27 pm

Looks neat! Thanks for sending.

Incidentally, I have a similar small outline that Paul Earnhart used in a class. I only have a hard-copy. In 1996, I used it in conjunction with reading through the whole Bible, while copying my existing notes to a new Bible. I am still using the same Bible today, which has an index in the back, just as you described. I have started copying my notes to another new Bible, but I am not finished yet.

Another footnote, when I met with Robert Turner, he showed me a case of New Testament's that he had bought. The box was almost empty, except for 2 or three that were left. Through the years, he studied by repeatedly reading and working his way through the NT. Each time, he would copy his notes, fix them, and add new things he learned. Once they were finished, he gave them to various young preachers. He gave almost all of them away. He was still studying this way, when I talked with him, a few years before he died.

I highly recommend doing both. :-) I am still reaping the benefits from studying through the Bible like this. I highly recommend it!

I am glad you are enjoying what you are doing and profiting from it!
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