Collection of info about Judas Iscariot

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Collection of info about Judas Iscariot

Post by will » Sat Sep 29, 2012 2:09 pm

This makes for some good insight and an interesting read!
Tommy wrote:I have accumulated the replies I received about whether Judas was a Galilean or of Judea. If you would like the info I will send it to anyone who writes. I have put it together. I really appreciated all the replies I received (about a dozen). Some said the same thing, but all were helpful. Send my your request and I will send the request.


Judas Iscariot “ A summary from replies.

The name, Iscariot, is literally, ish-kerioth, meaning man of Kerioth, a small town in southern Judea. Thus he was the only one of the twelve who was not a Galilean. Judas was an honorable name before he denigrated it with the single most shameful act in history. His fathers name was Simon, another honorable name. It is not known whether Simon Iscariot was still alive to see his sons despicable act. It is of interest that the betrayer is mentioned in the gospels more frequently than the other eleven, with the exception of Peter, and possibly, John. His motive in betraying the Lord Jesus Christ is not known. But insight into his character can be gained by a consideration of his reaction to Mary the mother of Lazarus, when she anointed Jesus feet with expensive oil.

Here's a quote. Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was the last in the list of the disciples. Judas was the son of a certain Simon (compare Jn.6:71) and bore the second name Iscariot, which means man from Kerioth. As Kerioth is situated in Judea, Judas came from Judea.

This was from the website: ... em/500-the calling-of-the-twelve-disciples-judas-iscariot

Most scholars are GUESSING as to where Judas was from.

JUDAS ISCARIOT - Is-kar-i-ot (loutlas Iskaritotes, i.e. ish-qeriyoth, Judas, man of (Kerioth): One of the twelve apostles and the betrayer of Jesus; for etymology, etc/ see JUDAS.

1/ Life: Judas was as his second name indicates, a native of Kerioth or Karioth. The exact locality of Kerioth (compare Jn.15:25) is doubtful, but it lay probably to the South of Judea, being identified with the ruins of el Karjetein (compare A. Plummer, article Judas Iscariot in HDB).

2/ Name and Early History: He was the son of Simon (Joh 13:2) or Simon Iscariot (Joh 6:71; 13:26), the meaning of Iscariot explaining why it was applied to his father also. The first scriptural reference to Judas is his election to the apostleship (compare Mt.10:4; Mr 3:19; Lu 6:16). He may have been present at the preaching of John the Baptist at Bethany beyond Jordan (compare Joh 1:28), but more probably he first met Jesus during the return to the latter through Judea with His followers (compare John 3:22). According to the Gospel of the Twelve Apostles (see SIMON THE CANAANITE; SIMON THE CANAANEAN; SIMON THE ZEALOT), Judas was among those who received the call at the sea of Tiberias (compare Mt 4:18-22).

hbj: It is apparent that Joshua 15:25 answers your question. From what evidence is available, Judas was a Judaean of the town of Kerioth.
In Him for truth.

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