praying to God

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praying to God

Post by ben80 » Tue Sep 25, 2007 4:19 pm

i would like some imput on a couple of questions regarding prayer. A book my wife and I are studying suggest praying together, which I have always felt is a great thing to do together. the book's suggestion for doing so is the basis of my questions. It suggest offering a prayer to God by alternating back and forth between husband and wife in the same prayer.
So my question: is this proper? are there any examples in the Bible that fit this pattern or is prayer like singing in which more than one party can participate.
another question: Is it proper for a wife/woman to offer her own prayer to God out loud in the presence of her husband/other men?
Thanks, Ben

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Post by Mel » Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:31 am

The idea of alternating is a little odd to me but I think that is up to you. My wife and I often pray together and I do most of the praying but she knows that she is free to add if something is on her mind that I do not mention. She is not taking the lead with this action but simply helping. She is after all my helpmate. In the presence of other men... I am uncomfortable with.
It seems to me that prayer is another topic that is misunderstood. Jesus gave us an example of "prayer". Although some would say this "prayer" is no longer valid for reasons I won't go into, it is still an example of prayer. Prayer is basically talking to God. Communicating with God is no different than communicating with another person. We ask questions to fellow humans and expect an answer. We ask questions of God and expect an answer. We are told to "ask in faith". The scriptures also say that "if we would humble ourselves and pray and seek God's face, he would heal our lands etc.". Prayer is not gimme gimme. We should be praying in God's will and for His will.
Just recently I had a very direct answer to prayer. I awoke around 11pm with a great concern for the safety of my son and family. After 2 3/4 hours of prayer I was able to sleep. I talked with him the next morning and found out that about 11:30pm and again at about 1:30am, he was in direct danger. Some would say that this is just coincidence. I say it is God's grace and mercy. God woke me to intercede for my fmaily and because I obeyed, He honored and answered my prayer. The best part is that He gets all the glory.
Because of his love,


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