W. Curtis Porter debate books

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W. Curtis Porter debate books

Post by will » Sat Apr 06, 2013 5:49 pm

FWIW, Here is my search results of the TruthBooks Website re "W. Curtis Porter".

In the following list:

- I have up till now focused primarily on acquiring copies of the Porter debates.

- Of the debates listed, I am not sure if I can recall that I have the two re Benevolence issues.

- The Porter - Myers debate was a written debate, I believe, and was not in the vein / caliber of the transcribed oral debates. Still it is useful.

- Two that I have that are not in this list are:
  • Porter - (Ben) Bogard Debate (1948, Damascus, AR- Note at this time, Porter was from Monette, AR) re Scripturalness of Mission Baptist Church vs church of Christ (Don't know if this is still in print from Cogdill Publishing, check with Truth and also Preceptor Publishing)
  • Porter - Waters Debate (1950, Quincy, IL; Note at this time, Porter was from Monette, AR) 3 Topics: Number of Containers for Communion, Bible classes, Women Teachers; re-Published by Truth Books 2004
Overall, good topics,well covered. Suggest, when you have time, visit CEI; they may have something on the shelf not listed on the website.

Good Hunting :)!



Porter Sermon Outlines

... Author: W. Curtis Porter Publisher: ...


Porter-Myers Debate (church of Christ denomination or New Testament church?)

... $16.95 SKU: 80636 W. Curtis Porter, preacher for the church of Christ debates B. Sunday Myers of the ...


Porter-Deaver Debate (congregational benevolence)

... Debate on congregational benevolence. paperback. W. Curtis Porter and Roy Deaver are the disputants. paperback. Price: ...


Porter-Woods Debate (orphan homes, homes for needy)

... that are among us. Affirmative: Guy N. Woods; Negative: W. Curtis Porter Second Proposition: It is contrary to the Scriptures for churches ...


Porter-Tingley Debate (Holy Spirit, baptism, faith alone)

... of the Alliance Church (a Pentecostal type church) and W. Curtis Porter is a member of the Church of Christ. Price: $18.95 ...


Porter-Dugger Debate (Sabbath day or Lord's day worship)

... $15.95 SKU: 80362 A written discussion between W. Curtis Porter and A. N. Dugger on which day to worship: the Sabbath or the ...


Porter-Abercrombie Debate (Bible classes and women teachers)

... a time. Cecil E. Abercrombie affirms this proposition and W. Curtis Porter denies it. Price: $15.95 Author: ...


The Preceptor Volume 1: Nov. 1951-Oct. 1961 and Vanguard Journal - 2 CD-ROM set

... Yeater Tant. The Vanguard CD contains articles by W. Curtis Porter, Franklin T. Puckett, Clinton Hamilton, and many other gospel ...

http://www.truthbooks.net/search/node/W ... s%20Porter
In Him for truth.

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