Do not flood

Things to know before you create a post on this forum.

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Do not flood

Post by grand_puba » Mon Oct 31, 2005 10:50 pm

Up to this point, we have not implimented any form of post limitation. However, recent abuses have forced us to consider post limitation.

The Letter of the Law
For now, we ask that each member limit the number of new threads. Please do not post new threads until your previous threads have been adequately addressed.

The Spirit of the Law
What we are tyring to avoid is having one person take over the forums and use it as their personal platform. There are many people with nothing else to do but push their personal agendas. I am not condemning these agendas, but I am recognizing the limitations of the forum membership. The forum should not be ruined by one person, who has lots of time, and is willing to dump their entire article library into the forum.

If you have 2, 3, 4... burning questions, then please post them. Feel free to push these rules a little bit, but please be careful, because I will not hesitate to ban someone who floods the forums. In such a case, I may delete all of their posts, or I may leave some to be answered by other members as their schedules permit. However, this forum will not become an unchecked platform for any one person's belief system.

For the sake of others and truth, please do not flood the forums. We do not want the forum to be come a "haystack" of rambling, where visitors have to search for a small "needle" of truth.